Help Us Help You

During a fire or medical emergency, time is of the essence. With that in mind, there are a few simple things that you can do to help us help you!

  • Please take the time to fill out and submit our online residential questionnaire. Click here to fill out.
  • For fire and medical emergencies, call us direct at 631-261-1616. Calling 911 certainly works, but 631-261-1616 puts you in touch with us directly during an emergency.
  • Make sure that your house number is visible from the street.
  • Keep fire hydrants accessible – remove snow, vegetation or debris from around hydrant.
  • Leave enough room between or around vehicles in your driveway so that personnel with a stretcher can pass if necessary.
  • Do not block your home’s entryways with furniture or objects.
  • Make sure the doorways, hallways and stairways within your home remain passable for personnel with a stretcher or other equipment.
  • Consider the need for emergency access when redecorating or remodeling your home.
  • Keep a list of your current medications and relevant medical conditions handy so that it can be readily available to responding medical personnel. Click here to download form.
  • If you have a central station fire alarm system, make sure that your proper contact information is on file with the alarm company and is up to date.
  • Have a family escape plan in the event of fire.
  • Install and maintain (replace batteries) in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
  • If you own a local business, consider installing a Knox Box. Click here for further information.
  • Follow the important safety tips provided on this Web site.

Please Remember: A flashing blue light means that a volunteer is responding to an alarm. Kindly give us the right of way – after all, someday it may be you that we’re rushing to help!